Motorcycle Transport

What do you get when you book a trip with CK5 Transport Services? Well nothing but 1st class service for starters. Every bike we haul is covered 100% by our insurance. All bikes get a fresh detail before you come to claim them. When you ship your bike, why not ship your luggage too? Why take the chance it will get lost with your airline? Camping at the rally but not sure how to get all of your camping gear there? Send it with your bike...all at no additional charge!!! All bikes are loaded using a lift gate and get a minimum of 4 2-inch ratchet straps, we only use soft ties on bikes, metal hooks NEVER touch your bike. Last, and certainly not least, we NEVER leave your bike unattended like some of our competitors. It remains locked and loaded on the trailer until your scheduled arrival.

CK5 Transport Services, LLC also does dealer transfers for local Honda and Harley Davidson Dealers.

Need your bike moved south for the winter and then back north in the spring? Yeah, we do that too!!

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